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Local citation management is crucial to the survival of local businesses looking to compete within a given geographic area.  Citations are defined as a mention of your business’ name, address, and phone number within an online directory.  These citations may or may not contain a link to your website.  Directories often take the form of local chambers of commerce, industry listings, or local business associations.

Search engines value consistent business citations and penalize those with multiple, inaccurate listings. Customers are equally sensitive to inaccurate business listings and have found to consider wrong information a sign of untrustworthiness.

It is important to maintain a consistent appearance across these different directories because search engine ranking algorithms consider consistent listings a key component of their search formula.  Citations also indicate to potential customers that your business is part of a legitimate business community.  Faking memberships in chambers of commerce or a city business index can often be difficult to do.

Managing Your Local Citations

Growth Squad can help you manage your local citation listings across numerous directories and ensure that search engines see the correct information regarding your business name, address, phone number, and website.  Our management platform enables us to coordinate and correct your listings within a diverse network of major directories that includes Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, and the Yellow Pages. We help you take control of how your customers view you online, how you build your business’ brand, and how your business drives more online and offline traffic.

Consistent local citation listings result in higher confidence among potential customers and higher rankings from search engines.  Growth Squad can help your business maintain real-time updates that ensure citation consistency, increased consumer trust, and improved search engine rankings.


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