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Great Consulting Starts with Great Listening

Running a business involves many moving parts and sometimes it makes sense to partner with a consulting firm to help alleviate the pressure.  Hiring out to your weaknesses allows you to focus your strengths on those areas of your business you can handle best.  Growth Squad can help you determine where those strengths lie and what your next steps should be.  Planning is always a great first step, but understanding how to implement and then executing your strategy is a huge factor in your business’ success.

Your business concerns deserve to be heard. We begin each consulting session by listening to you and then make recommendations based on your desired goals, market research, and our own expertise.

Your business is the result of your passion and hard work.  Our first step in any part of our consulting process starts with a conversation about your goals, concerns, and any issue you feel would impact your business.  Once we understand your current position, Growth Squad will then conduct an audit of existing strategies and budgets or help you develop a marketing approach from the ground up if your business currently does not have one in place.  We make recommendations for your business based on your needs, market research, and our own expertise. 

Growth Squad offers a variety of consulting services that include marketing strategy development, marketing program and budget audits, market research, and marketing education, and sales plan development.  The result of our process is a streamlined, efficient process that can be managed easily and provides key metrics and milestones to help your business gauge success. Contact us today to see how Growth Squad can help with your business consulting needs.


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