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Know Your Brand's Potential.

When many people think of brand and brand identity, they often think of a company’s logo. But brand identity is more than just a logo. A company’s brand is synonymous with its voice and the story it has to tell to consumers and stakeholders. Brand identity is about perception and the types of interactions a company has with its customers. Yes, a logo is part of the brand identity package, but it is only one part of a multi-faceted component that defines how a company is perceived.

Your brand is an employee that never stops working for you. Growth Squad will help ensure that this employee is well-dressed, well-mannered, and, above all, well-spoken. Contact us today to see what we can do to help build your brand together.

The best brands resonate easily and are recognized no matter the marketing channel that delivers its message. A good brand is authentic and never has the feeling of being forced and thrust into the marketplace. Think of the brands that stick in your mind easiest. Go ahead, we’ll wait. In the time it took you to read that sentence, you probably already had three name brands stand out and grab your attention. Whether it’s a large soft drink company, a car manufacturer, or a behemoth of a cable company, you can recognize the importance these brands have on their company’s overall business and marketing strategies.

The Brand Building Process

Building a brand or revisiting one that may need new life is a process that requires a number of different steps. Growth Squad’s design team is well-versed in helping companies piece these steps together into a coherent package that makes the most sense for the message they wish to deliver to the marketplace. We’ll help you understand everything from colors and design to the corporate blurbs and taglines your company needs to stand apart from competitors. Because building brand identity packages are so vital to the livelihood of businesses, Growth Squad will work closely with you and your team to work through the process from start to finish.


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