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The Thankful Squad

2018 has been a busy year for Growth Squad and it wouldn’t have been possible without our Growth Squad team, our family, friends, clients, and community. We are thankful to be spending yet another year serving those around us as well as the online squad who takes the time to interact with us on a daily basis. This Thanksgiving, we want to extend our gratefulness by leaving you all with a few helpful marketing tips for holiday posting. 

Always answer why

Why are you here? Whether you’re a business or an entrepreneur, what is the purpose of your brand? Find the sole purpose of your brand and always include that into your overall message and strategies moving forward. The core of every social media post, blog, or marketing flyer should emulate your brand’s tone. 

Focus on your audience

Your audience should always be your top priority. Engage with them on social media or in person. Extend your thankfulness each time you interact with them. You never want to set the wrong tone by making your audience feel unimportant. Your gratefulness can be shown through a series of ways like, replying to their social media posts, offering a discount to loyal customers, getting out in the community and snapping photos of you with customers, running an in-store flash sale, or having a contest through social media. Find creative ways to show your appreciation. 

Learn how to take a break

As crazy as this sounds, a break is something that is both simple yet hard to accomplish when running a business. Set realistic goals for yourself to complete during planned work hours and learn how to shut work off at the end of the day. Leave leftover work for the next day. Your family and friends will thank you for it. And a little rejuvenation is needed every once and a while. 

Again, thank you all for supporting Growth Squad. We appreciate you all. Happy Thanksgiving from our squad to yours!

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