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The Power of Influence: How to choose the right influencer


Many firms have added influencer marketing to their budgets because of its effectiveness. When searching for an influencer that fits with the brand and voice of your business, there are many things to look out for. Depending on the type of influencer you need, there are a few components you need to focus on. 


Identify the type of influence that speaks to your brand’s target audience. You want to seek influencers that align themselves with your brand. While number of followers plays a factor with finding the right influencer, it’s not the most important. When searching for the right person to market your brand, check to see how they engage with their followers. People want authentic content and experiences. So, if they are consistent with interacting, then there is a chance they have a loyal audience. 


You want to vet influencers that fit your brand’s identity. Don’t stop with researching their social media accounts. Check out their website. Reach out to your target influencer and introduce yourself and your brand. Mention how your brand relates to their power of influence and discuss how marketing your products or services will be equally beneficial by building relationships between both your audience and theirs. You want to take time to build a connection with an influencer that knows how to foster strong relationships. Don’t wait until you need an influencer to start scouting for one. Develop a relationship with them beforehand. Remember that influencers are there to help you market your company. 

Quality of content

When it comes to content, quality over quantity comes into play. Focus on the content your chosen influencer posts or shares. 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers. An effective influencer knows how to build strong relationships through a well-developed marketing strategy. They know how to connect to their audience through carefully crafted content that relates to the product and the overall brand. 

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