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Social Media Don’ts

There’s no list of rules to follow when posting on social media on behalf of your business. However, there are a few mistakes marketers make when creating a social media strategy and a posting schedule. Last week, we created a list of social media do’s. Now it’s time to focus on the social media don’ts. Which ones are you guilty of?

Is anyone there?

You started off great by creating a business profile on multiple platforms. You had a social media strategy planned and ready to go, and followers to complement all of the hard work. Then life happened, well, in this case, business happened. It is important to keep your audience updated with a consistent posting schedule. Plan ahead for posts in order to keep up with the demands of content creation. 

Communication is Key

Don’t abandon your content once you post it on social media. Interact with your audience. If they ask a question, answer them in a timely manner. Show them they are important to you. Most businesses fail to realize prospects fall through due to lack of engagement. Take time to get to know your audience by engaging with them. Don’t be afraid to ask or answer their questions or concerns. 

Whose face is it anyways?

While you represent your brand, your brand also represents you. You are the brand so why not own it. Don’t hide behind the brand when it comes to marketing. Share posts that show the human side of your company, whether it’s behind the scenes or a company picnic, people connect with others who they relate to. Make your brand relatable. Don’t stop there. Hold community events and create hashtags to drive prospects back to your business. 

Found other “don’ts” that didn’t work for you? Make sure you write them down and add them to an avoidance list to help generate great content for your business blog. 

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