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When thinking about social media marketing, there really isn’t a rule book. All we have is experience. With experience, we have the opportunity to test what works and what doesn’t. When working on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others, we tend to overthink strategy. The goal is to execute an approach that is both engaging and meaningful in order to generate positive results. We’ve compiled a short list of marketing do’s to help you with your social media strategy. 

Answer the why to social media

Always answer the “why” before posting the “what” in your social media content. What is the point of using social media? Figure out your angle before mapping out an approach. The best way to find answers is to revisit why you went into business in the first place. Find the passion you have for your business and relay the message to your audience with the help of social media. 


Innovate, Innovate, Innovate

When creating content, search for the latest trends in your industry. It’s always great to create brand new content that you are willing to share with your followers, but chances are, they’ve heard it before. Be sure to experiment and research new fresh ideas. If you’ve heard it before, figure out a way to innovate and personalize the information in order to relate to your audience. 

Interact with your audience

Imagine talking to someone about why you love something only to receive crickets on the other end. That’s most likely how your audience feels when they comment on your posts. Talk to your followers. Ask them questions and let them know their important. Showing your audience that there is more to your company than business jargon can go a long way in the eyes of a consumer. 

Bring content to life

There are so many routes you can go when creating content. While written content is great, bring your words to life with infographics and or videos. These multimedia posts can be shared amongst multiple platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Create likeable content. 

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