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Tips for an Effective Marketing Email - Part II

Tips for an Effective Marketing Email – Part I focused the importance of an engaging subject line and creating a sense of urgency. This post, Tips for an Effective Marketing Email – Part II, is focused on the body of a marketing email and keeping readers engaged.

Clean Copy

Though it should go without saying, the importance of clean copy that is concise, well-written, and typo free cannot be stressed enough. It doesn't matter how interesting your message—if it's painful to read, your customers simply won't read it.


The content of an email needs to be relevant to your targeted audience. They won't spend time reading something that isn't of value to them.

Call to Action and Incentive

A specific call to action that encourages customers to act is, generally, the primary reason for the email campaign. Be clear about a sale, discount, or new product. Consumers need incentive to click on a link back to your site or to visit your store. What's in it for them? What value are you providing?


Be sure to include a deadline to help encourage them to act quickly. This goes back to creating a sense of urgency.

Consistent Brand

No matter your message, be sure to keep your brand and feel of the email (logo, color scheme, font choices, message tone, etc.) consistent with your other marketing materials, including your website, social media accounts, and printed material.

Other Things to Include

  • Refer a Friend link to easily share their experience
  • Confirmation opt-in and customer information
  • An option for recipients to add your email address to their safe list
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Special coupon codes

Email is an unparalleled way of quickly and inexpensively communicating directly with your customers...which means that with the barrage of email messages sent and received daily, it's more important than ever that your message stand out and provide value to your target audience.

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