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Tips for an Effective Marketing Email – Part I

Email is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool—making it a vital component of a small business' marketing campaign strategy. There are a variety of components that together create an effective email message, depending on your audience and email intention. But, the primary focus of any marketing email should be high open and clickthrough rates (meaning a customer opens your email, reads the message, and clicks on the links back to your website).

Subject Line is Key

Consider the subject line of your email like the cover of a book. If it doesn't look interesting or grab their attention, they likely won't even open the email. Below are tips to consider when drafting your subject line.

  • Short and compelling. Since nearly half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, subjects with less than 50 characters tend to have better follow open rates.
  • Tell the readers what's inside the email and do not make false promises. The content needs to be a legitimate lead in to the message content.
  • Use a call to action or action verbs. This is always more compelling than passive or vague subject lines.
  • Ask a relevant and compelling question. A subject line that poses a question has been found to be an effective way to draw customers in, particularly if you focus your questions to topics relevant to your particular market sector.
  • Remember to turn off the CAPS lock and limit the use of the exclamation point! People don't like being yelled at via their inbox and find the overuse of the exclamation point annoying and off putting.

Create a Sense of Urgency

A key element of an effective business email is to create a sense of urgency in your subject line and message, which studies have shown to encourage recipients to make decisions more quickly—meaning the greater likelihood of converting readers to paying customers.

  • Set a deadline. This is the most commonly used method for creating this sense of urgency. No matter the offer—contest, end of a sale, or event RSVP—people tend to respond more often if they have a set deadline before which they must respond.
  • Offer a limited product. Customers tend to act more quickly if they are being offered something scarce or of limited quantity.
  • Offer solutions to a problem.  If you can offer a definitive solution to a common problem, readers will feel a sense of urgency to respond.

Tips for an Effective Marketing Email – Part II will focus on the body of a marketing email and how to keep readers engaged and reading your messages.

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