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Take Advantage of the Internet!

The Internet has completely transformed the way small businesses are able to do business—removing location-based limitations on the potential customer base for those who offer products and greatly increasing the potential customer base for those who offer services. The tricky part is finding the right combination of methods, platforms, and content such that online users find your business and become customers.

The methods listed below are a few of the tactics that, apart from time spent by you or your employees, have no additional costs to implement. Remember, not all the ideas will work well for every business model—but a combination or adaptation of a few—will be helpful to any type of company, whether you offer a service or product.

Post Videos

Videos posted to websites can be amazing tools. Some studies have shown that videos help move businesses up to Google’s first page within hours and to the top positions within a day or two. In addition, these studies have also determined that customers who see your videos are more than 170% likely to make a purchase. You have the option of filming yourself or hiring an outside company (less than $500 in most places). But, with the capability of smart phones and the number of video editing apps available, it’s easier than ever to create professional quality videos.

Get on Google Maps/Local

Being listed on Google Maps/Local is free and extremely important for businesses dependent on local customers. It directs customers to your business when searching for a particular type of business in the area (HVAC, pizza, beauty shop, dance school, etc.) and helps your business show up higher in Google search rankings. Also, it allows customers to review a business and comment on their experiences.

Include Extended Reviews

Consumers love to see how a product or service benefited others. Adding case studies/consumer profiles/extended reviews to your website is an easy and inexpensive way to do this. One of the best methods is to briefly interview your customers and ask them to fill out a standardized questionnaire about their experiences with your company, which you would then post online. A tried-and-true format on your site is to explain your customer’s particular problem and how your company solved it, followed by a quote from your customer reinforcing their satisfaction.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogs are easy ways to share news, promote your products and videos, and provide quality information relevant to your customers. Combining quality, useful content with a solid social media presence across a variety of platforms will ensure to extend your customer base and reach new consumers.

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