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Introduction to Facebook Ads – Part II

Part 2 of 2

In Part II of Introduction to Facebook Ads, we focus on how to determine your advertising objective and the importance of targeting your audience.

1. Determine your Goal

Just like with any other type of advertising, the goal of your marketing push will determine the type of Facebook ad you choose, the imagery, call to action, etc. Specific to Facebook, if you want to increase sales or newsletter sign ups, you’ll want to focus on “website conversions.” If you are trying to increase the Likes on your Facebook business page, you’ll need to focus on a “page likes” campaign. Though no one ad or ad type can guarantee increased sales and revenue, it’s recommended that you consider each ad type, including checking out your direct completion to see what kinds of ads they’re utilizing.

2. Target Your Audience

Again, just like with traditional marketing campaigns, your ads should cater to your target audience—which is relatively easy to do as Facebook also you to target customers based on language, location, age, gender, education, relationship status, work, ethnic affinity, generation, parents, political party, life events (wedding, etc.), general interests, and connections.

Once you feel comfortable putting out ads targeting your specific customer base, you can create a “custom audiences” campaign, allowing you to use your email list or include/exclude a specific audience based on their profile, postings, and likes/comments.

3. Create Various Ads

In an effort to reach a broader audience and use analytics tools to determine which ad garners the most interest and action, try creating four different ads for each interest you’re targeting. For example, if you sell golf balls, create four ads, with each Ad Set targeting users who list a specific golf brand as an interest, such as Callaway, Nike Golf, Mizuno, or Brigestone Golf. You’ll be able to track which ad is generating more leads and modify your overall marketing approach based on the campaign results.

For more details on the basics of Facebook advertising and the types of ads, see Introduction to Facebook Ads – Part I.

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