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Connecting with Influencers

Typically, we think of celebrities when we think of “influencers.” But, with the ever-increasing use of social media and options for social media platforms, it’s become much easier for small businesses to benefit from local, Internet influencers. Though it may seem daunting at first, it simply takes time and effort to effectively build real relationships with these influencers. Ways small businesses can connect with individuals who are very active and influential in their industry or field are many and varied, limited solely by your imagination and effort.

Example Methods

  • Contribute high-quality guest blog posts or articles
  • Read and comment on their posted material (blog posts, review products/services, etc.)
  • Promote their services/products to your network and customers
  • Understand their marketing goals and help support them
  • Partner on projects that will benefit them and you
  • Post a review their products, services, or books online

Another way to make local influencers work for you is to become one yourself. With persistence and consistent effort, it’s possible to become known as an expert in your area within a specific subject area or industry. Like connecting with local Internet influencers, becoming an influencer is possible via a variety of methods—your creativity and imagination are your only limits.

Example Methods

  • Be available and where they are. Be sure you’re active on the social media platforms where your target customer base spends most of their time. Join industry-specific LinkedIn groups or local forums and proactively take advantage of the Q&A section. Regularly answer questions and provide site users with information specific to the topic being addressed. Make yourself the expert who has the answers they’re looking for.
  • Blog. Blog. Blog. Provide your customers with creative and quality content that serves a purpose and fills a niche in the industry.
  • Build Your Brand. Brand awareness is one way to be considered an expert in your field. And it helps ensure that your business is one that potential customers turn to when they need a particular product or service.

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