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Are You Tracking Your Digital Marketing Analytics Metrics?

For businesses, particularly small businesses that rely on online reviews and word of mouth via social media platforms, it’s vital that you capture and track information from your website as well as other platform traffic, leads, and sales to determine the effectiveness of your marketing plan as a whole. It’s no longer enough to track page views and time on your company website—as customers are using a variety of online social media sites, so to must you. But how can you determine which platform or campaign is most effective with your target audience?

The answer is Digital Marketing Analytics Metrics (rather than just relying on Google Analytics). Digital marketing analytics looks at statistics and data from across all of your company’s platforms (including social media sites, blogs, email blasts, online ads, and your corporate website) in order to help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Looking at all the data, you can compare two campaigns running simultaneously. For example, if you run two separate and distinct ads via different avenues, it is possible to determine which campaign is more effective at generating leads and ultimately sales for your company. Did an email blast on Monday generate more click throughs and sales than your blog post on Wednesday or your tweet on Friday?

A comprehensive analysis of your digital marketing metrics can accurately track leads in such a way that you can—in near real-time—identify which activities are most effective and modify your marketing approach to optimize your marketing approach and performance.

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