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Marketing Blog Ideas that Bring your Business to Life

Sometimes it can be hard coming up with fresh ideas for a blog. While writing may come easy to some, others just need help with blog ideas and concepts. Blogs play a huge role in many companies’ websites traffic. Blogs also influence consumers with the decision to purchase a product/service from you. With that being said, we’ve taken the time to create a list of some of our favorite “Growth Squad approved” blog ideas that we don’t mind sharing with you. 

  1. Meet the team – A brand will always be considered the “face” of the company but featuring the team that makes the dream work is one worth posting. Show off those team members that work so hard to set the company tone for your audience.
  2. How-to posts – Who doesn’t love a good how-to blog? Writing a blog using a step-by-step method creates a sense of trust and loyalty from your audience. 
  3. Success stories – Including a success story that brings a positive light to your company is always great for website traffic. 
  4. Frequently asked questions – You can cut down emails by compiling common questions from your consumers. 
  5. Thank you blogs – Showing some appreciation to the ones who matter most (your customers) always add a nice touch. Let your audience know you appreciate their business and you couldn’t have done it without them. 
  6. Video Blogs – Video blogs have been on the rise within the last few years. If you’re not camera shy, why not introduce yourself to your customers. 
  7. Go behind the scenes – Show your customers what goes on behind the brand. This creates transparency and allows your audience to connect with you more. 
  8. Intimate “day in the life” post – Let’s take the audience on a journey in the eyes of yourself or a team member. Show them what goes on during the work day. 
  9. Current trends – Do you know what’s going on in your industry? Write about it. 
  10. Seasonal blogs – Write holiday or seasonal posts that are directly related to your industry. 


Remember to create a posting schedule in order to keep all of your ideas in order. Need assistance with your blog? Contact us now at (772)236-3668 and we’ll be happy to help you with growth tips and squad advice. 

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