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How to Overcome Blogger’s Block

Do you have trouble coming up with fresh new blog ideas? You’re not the only one. While writing may come easy to you most of the time, there may come a time where writer’s block may occur. We’ve come up with a few tips that may help you get through your little writing snag. 

Write down ideas

No matter how silly or outrageous these ideas may be, write them down. Free thinking can help clear up writer’s block. Keep track of the ideas you may have and keep the creativity flowing. Don’t stop there, experiment with them and see where your thoughts may bring you. Hopefully to a new blog idea. 

Be accountable

Create goals to stay on top of your posting schedule. Set a deadline that is realistic and reachable. Another tip that may help is to create multiple deadlines for one blog. One deadline may focus on coming up with a concept and ideas that follow. Another deadline may be to complete a rough draft. Commit to your deadline and set aside time for reviews and revisions.

Go back to the past

Revisit old blogs and study not only the content, but the style you wrote them in. Sometimes blogs can be recycled. See if anything has changed in the industry since you’ve written the blog. If so, revamp the blog and include any new trends or changes that have occurred.

See what your followers are up to 

Sometimes it’s good to ask questions. See what your followers are following. Try reaching out to loyal followers and see ask how your products/services have helped them in the past. Survey your followers to see what trends they are currently following and write down any notes or questions you want to elaborate on. Writing what the audience wants may help with getting blog ideas. 

Don’t stop there. Continue to educate yourself on the latest trends, classes, or sources you may follow. In order to be a great writer/blogger, you must also be an avid reader. Don’t forget to write down your ideas. 

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