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The Importance of Review and Reputation Management

Reputation management is a critical aspect of maintaining a positive online presence. Basically, it is a method for tracking, reviewing, and influencing your online reputation and brand identity. One of the best things about online businesses and the growing number of social media platforms is the ease as at which customers can share their experiences and opinions. For a business, this has the potential for amazing community exposure—happy and satisfied customers leave glowing reviews and recommendations, which ultimately draws in new business and increases customer retention. However, the potential effect of negative comments and reviews is dangerous to a business’ bottom line and reputation—negative comments and complaints are extremely powerful and can turn new customers away. Through an effective online reputation management strategy, you track what customers are sharing about your business and respond to and resolve any potential issues as quickly as possible in an effort to positively influence your reputation.

The best way to build and maintain a solid online reputation is to focus on customer service by regularly and consistently interacting with customers. You can do by quickly responding to reviews (both positive and negative), sometimes in near real-time, and effectively resolve any issues. Resolving these potential problems immediately and in a public setting is invaluable to your online reputation for a variety of reasons, namely: 1) you’re demonstrating that you value your customers and their concerns, and 2) you’re stopping any negative discussions before they can gain any real traction online.

More and more, customers are shopping online and basing part of their purchasing decision based on reviewer comments and online reviews. In addition, many people do their due diligence and product research online before purchasing in a store. This means that, unfortunately, even just a few negative comments can significantly impact sales. It is essential for businesses, especially small businesses, to focus part of their online marketing efforts on online reputation management.

If you have any concerns about your online reputation or would like to start outlining the best management strategy for you to proactively build a stronger online reputation, Growth Squad has the tools to help. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a free consultation with our marketing experts.

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